Big Data Fabric
Data Fabric
Big Data Engineers & Data Architecture
Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)
Collecting data from multiple sources and loading it into a centralized data warehouse
Big Data Security
Measures and tools used to guard both the data and analytics processes from attacks
Big Data Сonsulting
Automation, Scalability, and Intelligence. Challenges and Solutions
Big Data Analytics
Forecasting and big data analysis for business
Big Data Use Cases
Use Cases and Real-life Examples
Outsourcing Big Data & AI Development
Hire Top-Rated AI Developers. Software Outsourcing & Partnership
Machine Learning
Algorithms for data science software and deep learning AI in data analytics solutions
Neural Networks
Neural Network Development & Training
AI-Driven Mobile App Development
Development of mobile applications and web projects for business and start-ups
Voice Assistants
Data Capture & OCR
Extract data from invoices, purchase orders, packing lists, claims, and other documents
Object Detection
Object Detection and Person Detection in Computer Visio
Pose Estimation
Human & Animals Pose Estimation with Deep Learning
Face Recognition
Technology capable of matching a human face from a digital image or a video frame against a database of faces
Image Recognition
For neural networks to recognize one or more concepts in an image, it is necessary to train them.
Visual Search
Find items and/or similar items: Clothes, furniture, and other products
Logo Recognition and Brand Monitoring
Marketing optimization with our AI-based logo detection and brand monitoring analysis solutions
Big Data in Healthcare
Challenges and Solutions
Big Data in Finance Industry
Challenges and Solutions
Big Data in Education
Challenges and Solutions
Big Data in Sports
Challenges and Solutions
Big Data in Oil and Gas
Challenges and Solutions
Big Data in Agriculture
Challenges and Solutions
Big Data in Marketing
Challenges and Solutions
Big Data in Retail
Challenges and Solutions
E Commerce Big Вata
Challenges and Solutions
№1 Big Data & AI Developer
1. Data gathering and structuring
SQL, Axapta, SAP, Oracle, Azure, Maria DB, Arcgis, IBM DB2, CRM, Excel, Sites, Analytics, Sensors, and Off-Line Sources

2. Data storage and enrichment
Hadoop, Microsoft Azure, Amazon clouds, IBM, Google Compute Platform

3. Data Visualization. On-line Dashboard
Power Bi, Qlik Sense, Google Data Studio, Custom

4. Big Data analytics - predictions and insights.
AI, Neural network, Machine learning, Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, Cassandra, Hive, Kubernetes
The best mathematical models and neural networks
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Big Data Solutions
  • Data Fabric
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)
  • Big Data Security
  • Big Data Сonsulting
  • Big Data Analytics
AI Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • AI-Driven Mobile App Development
  • Voice Assistants
Computer Vision
  • Video Analytics
  • Data Capture & OCR
  • Object Detection
  • Pose Estimation
  • Face Recognition
  • Logo Recognition and Brand Monitoring
Big Data Use Cases
  • Big Data in Business & Marketing & Retail & E Commerce
  • Big Data in Healthcare & Sports
  • Big Data in Finance Industry
  • Big Data in Education
  • Big Data in Oil and Gas
  • Big Data in Agriculture
Internet of Things
  • Big Data IoT
  • IoT devices
  • IoT for Startups
Data Visualization
  • Analytics Dashboards
  • Power Bi Dashboard
  • Qlik Sense Data Analytics
  • Big Data Monitoring
Predictive Analytics
  • Forecasts & Trends
  • Prescriptive analytics
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Time series analysis
  • Data Science
Outsourcing Big Data & AI Development
Hire Top-Rated AI Developers. Software Outsourcing & Partnership
Our Tech Expertise Matrix
We use the best technologies available on the market, and we continually enrich our tech stack
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We will help you build breakthrough AI-powered products and solutions from scratch.
We turn data into commercial information
Off-the-shelf technologies for extracting value from BIG DATA:
Real-Time Monitoring Systems:
for sales departments, IT departments, industry
We solve the technical and mathematical tasks of BIG DATA
Find out the cost of implementing Big Data solutions
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We collect and store your data
Optimizing databases architecture
  • Which is more profitable - your own servers or a cloud solution?
  • How to increase processing speed?
  • How to improve resiliency?
We will develop a modern solution!
Why work with us, if you already have an analyst?
Time. We are faster and cheaper
An analyst is expensive - why would he need to set up scripts for weeks, fix bugs, do routine - he must interpret the results.
Quality and reliability
At every stage, you get a finished product.
We work on Agile and Scrum sprints, you do not depend on us - we always give the customer a ready-made solution.
We cannot always say who our clients are and what results they get. But, having worked for example in real estate, jewelry, online sales, pharmaceuticals, furniture or politics, we have gained experience that will be yours.
1) Data collection and storage
Setting up data collection
  • Spark (Hadoop)
  • Storm
  • Windows Azure HDInsight
  • Google Cloud Bigtable
  • SQL
Setting up data collection layers on website, applications, CRM, SQL, AXAPTA, SAP, and off-line sources.

Construction of ETL/ELT project architecture, management, storage, data visualisation, scalable systems construction.

We audit data collection and storage.
We can audit and quickly implement a solution based on Google Compute Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure.
It is possible to work on secure customer servers.
2) Data structuring, enrichment

Getting the "zoo of databases" in order

  • SQL
  • OpenRefine
  • Pentaho
  • Octoparse
  • R
Data for 90% of customers are collected by different systems.
We set up a single platform and link different sources.
Any division of the company will be able to see the necessary data and dependencies.
3) Analysis and forecasting
  • Neural networks
  • Mathematical models
  • RapidMiner
  • IBM SPSS Modeler
  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
  • Weka

We construct neural networks.
We train models.
70% of the problems are solved with mathematical models - we have them ready.

Do you have a favorite customer?
We will find 100,000 more like them.
They are waiting for your ad!

Advertising on the Internet will be 70% more effective
We bring together analytics from different sources
  • Forecasting the future
  • Trends and dynamics
  • Prevention of crises
  • Competitive advantages
  • Profit / Losses by business segments
  • Dynamics of income and expenses
  • Money flow monitoring
  • Financial analysis
  • Customisation of marketing
  • Reducing advertising costs
  • Market capture points
  • Projection of customer needs
  • Reducing advertising costs
  • Customer scoring

  • Sales analysis
  • Price monitoring
  • Projection of needs

  • Analysis of procurement prices by suppliers
  • Stock management
  • Resource optimisation

Subcontracting work with BIG DATA
Send us your current task:
Our specialty is all software and mathematical work with BIG DATA
Our services
1. Data collection
We set it up once - and afterwards - for free.

2. Data storage
On your servers or in the cloud.

3. Data pre-processing, and enrichment
Merging of different sources, cleaning.

4. Setting up neural networks to search for target patterns
Applying consistent mathematical models.
Obtaining valuable information from raw data.

Further, the information is handled by the Customer's analysts.
All technical and mathematical work is done by us.

5. Forecasts and analytics.
Experience in different industries allows us to make forecasts and find connections in all the business parameters with more accuracy than the customer's own analyst.
You'll get
1. Starts working with BIG DATA quickly.
Savings as compared to in-house staff - 12-18 months.

2. There are no service technicians on your staff, you do not need to pay for their work
All technical work is bought as needed. It is cheaper.

3. Gets the experience of the world's best mathematical models and neural networks
You can develop your own model, but there are recognised standards that you just haven't tried.

4. Only experts and analysts are on staff to set research goals and make decisions.
You can also use our services for forecasting and interpreting the results.
What is more profitable for business: your own staff or our service?
The following specialists are needed to work with BIG DATA:
  1. Programmers
  2. Experts in servers and clusters
  3. Database specialists
  4. Network architecture specialists
  5. Good mathematicians
  6. Engineers-analysts for algorithms
  7. Specialists in neural networks
  8. Experts in various industries

Why are they all on staff?

It is enough for the customer to have analysts on staff, setting goals and interpreting results.
This is cheaper, and most importantly faster and more accurate.
Half of the BIG DATA tasks are one-time-only - they just need to be set up once.
80% of the costs are infrastructure - subcontract them
80% of all labor costs in BIG DATA projects come from infrastructure tasks of providing the technology platform, collecting and converting data, and controlling data quality.
We build the BIG DATA infrastructure
Innovative solutions in BIG DATA projects based on Hadoop/CDAP/Cloud services (AWS, Azure, GCP) using Distributed Data Processing Technologies
Apply BIG DATA quickly to your business
Personalization of financial offers
The ability to predict the wishes of customers in a short period of time to have time to offer an additional product or service
Credit scoring based on anonymised telecom data
The number of contacts, time, call directions, etc. - Gives a vector of reliability for individuals and entities
Prevention of peak loads at airports
Real-time forecasting of load spikes and reallocation of staff and equipment
Retail sales growth
Based on the behavior of the customer at the outlet or on the site - the step to buy here and now is stimulated
Up to 40% reduction in operating costs
Indirect information from sensors compared to sunrise and sunset + temperature during the day helped to cut operating costs
Increased safety and security
Analysis of unstructured data enables potential failure points to be identified and prevented in advance
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We offer scientific AI technology
Lomonosov Moscow State University graduates team
We are a group of mathematicians. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) was founded in 1755. More than 6 000 professors and lecturers, and about 5 000 researchers work for the faculties and research institutes.
AI + Department of Math

The Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics at MSU is a leading centre for training specialists in fundamental research in Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Information Theory and Programming.
70 years AI Reserch

MSU Science Park, R&D, including high performance cluster Apollo-9000, and multiprocessor supercomputer IBM R690.
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35, st. Bolshaya Tatarskaya
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If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
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  • Data processing
  • Analytics and Forecasts
Industry solutions
  • For business
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  • For science